At age 4, I began writing and drawing. At 17, I got my first job as an art director. Thereafter, I continued to work in the profession, and, alongside scholarships, earned my way through college.

I worked at agencies and corporations beginning to understand that the designer’s commitment in user-centered design entails problem solving, and creating design that aims for the highest standards while communicating a clear message to the audience.

I can provide leadership, vision, expertise, and hands-on participation with a process and thinking geared to help produce innovative work on all platforms. This often involves collaborating across the globe to define practice standards, usability research, user experience architecture, product and responsive design, and visual design along with branding, infographics and components – made usable following best design practices, and usability tenets of, consistency, visual clarity, familiarity, feedback, flexibility and efficiency.

I’ve never stopped learning, and love the challenge of new problems to solve. I believe no effort is too much to create outstanding work and design that has the potential to improve people’s lives.