At the age of 4, before I could even spell properly, I began writing and illustrating little folded paper books.

At the age of 17, I got my first job as an art director. I never questioned wanting to be an artist, as my grade school art teacher helped get me a scholarship to art school. Thereafter, I continued to work in the profession, and, along with scholarships, earned my way through college.  

Working at agencies and corporations, I began to understand that a designer’s role is, not only, creating design to make something beautiful, but also, communicating a clear message to the audience, using all the tools at her disposal.

Thus, I learned to provide leadership with my vision, thinking, expertise, and hands-on participation, geared to help produce innovative work on all platforms. This most often involved collaborating across the globe to define goals and research users. The content no matter how complex, could then be simplified and clarified.

I’m persistent in learning, trying to go deeper to understand users, and always working on getting more insights how I could help make any communication,  application or website better.